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Corner :
- ਕੋਨੇਘੇਰਘੇਰਨਕੋਨੇ

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Noun(1) a place off to the side of an area(2) the point where two lines meet or intersect(3) an interior angle formed by two meeting walls(4) the intersection of two streets(5) the point where three areas or surfaces meet or intersect(6) a small concavity(7) a temporary monopoly on a kind of commercial trade(8) a predicament from which a skillful or graceful escape is impossible(9) a projecting part where two sides or edges meet(10) a remote area(11) (architecture
Verb(1) gain control over(2) force a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape(3) turn a corner

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(1) they came from every corner of the earth(2) Three years of hiding my little boy from his father and now I'm backed into a corner .(3) in one corner is the government and in the other, the unions(4) His portrayal of a decent family man backed into a corner by the system goes a long way to making this film as watchable as it is.(5) All of a sudden this VW skids round a corner into the road I'm patrolling.(6) McCline got up at the count of nine as the bell sounded to end the round, but his corner would not allow him to continue.(7) we live in the corner house(8) We have been backed into a corner again by the council and are now facing the added financial burden of upgrading to meet new regulations.(9) But Cresswell did get on the score sheet in the end, knocking away into the top corner from the edge of the penalty area.(10) With some difficulty I squeeze into a tiny space in the corner of the small room high above the flow of the Manhattan traffic.(11) He watched as she went to a chest against the wall in the opposite corner of the room.(12) Contractors are also very frustrated, and feeling backed into a corner .(13) A woman was standing on the corner of Court Street, struggling to keep her umbrella under control.(14) she couldn't bear journalists prying into every corner of her life(15) he found himself a corner of the market(16) I managed to corner Gary for fifteen minutes
Related Words
(1) on the corner ::
ਕਿਨਾਰੇ ਤੇ
1. bend ::
2. district ::
3. predicament ::
4. nook ::
5. street corner ::
ਗਲੀ ਕੋਨੇ
6. box ::
7. recess ::
8. quoin ::
9. drive into a corner ::
ਇੱਕ ਕੋਨੇ ਵਿੱਚ ਗੱਡੀ
10. gain control of ::
ਦੇ ਕੰਟਰੋਲ ਹਾਸਲ
11. tree ::
ਰੁੱਖ ਨੂੰ
Different Forms
corner, cornered, cornering, corners
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