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:: But his next goal is to become the oldest person ever to record an ace :: But the stadium is a bowl with two tiers all the way round and its kind of on top of you:: the royal box:: The final score would have baffled Einstein and had the game been a boxing match the referee would have stopped it long before time was up:: Two kicks give roughly the same distance as a full butterfly stroke:: If you charter a boat in Miami you can pick and choose among spacious trawlers luxurious motor yachts or swift catamarans :: My father was a great wrestler before he became a convert to Christianity:: As well as anger management classes they take lessons on cookery and childcare skills:: The album is rather different from the current crop of pop music:: You can play croquet on the lawn after lunch walk in the forest and take a fishing rod out to the local rivers:: You had many a cross to carry but you carried on and helped me to carry my cross so many times:: To score you must put the ball over the crossbar for a point or under the crossbar for a goal worth three points:: Given the way the accused conducted his defence and the evidence we do not think that any miscarriage of justice has occurred in this particular case:: The FDA and other defenders of aspartame quickly debunked the report as exaggerated and baseless:: It was a relay event in which a group of basketball players dribble the ball for a short distance where another group of players takes over and the relay continues:: If a student wears the national flag of his own country he will be suspended or expelled from school:: Walking over to the side I unhooked the girth and slid the saddle off putting it on the outer fence:: He added that it was the current transport ministers who were obstacles to further progress:: This one was decorated profusely with huge banners and pennants of championships dangling on the wall behind the stall:: Nordic skiing is the one common denominator to all winter duathlons triathlons quadrathlons and pentathlons some freestyle some classic some with a leg of each:: The sideline to Diageos main activities brought some R22m a year to the groups consolidated operating profit:: Individuals will be required to swim 500 yards using a combination of freestyle breast and sidestrokes :: Outside of his cricket Oscar also did a bit of boxing and played soccer as a left winger in Barbados:: A group of seven airlines including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic has taken a 46 per cent stake in the system:: when the ball was hit he went back to the bag to tag up:: ::
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