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:: As early as July 1958 however she attempted to enact the new poetics presented in the final stanza of the original and Cry Ararat:: Ballets use of point shoes is not intended to cripple the dancers feet:: Kelly Holmes last night became only the seventh British woman to win an athletics gold medal at the Olympics:: And teams of frogmen are inspecting every vessel allowed into the harbour:: Early on the Sunday we parked Tims car on the northern bank of the river got out our mountain bikes panniers and backpacks and we were off:: By that time the bones had set so doctors had to break the bones again in order to permit a proper resetting:: For the rich a remotecontrolled exact copy of an Americas cup yacht 1 15th the size of a normal vessel:: He works out all the yardages and we discuss the variety of shots she added:: The pilot can control roll tipping the wings pitch raising and lowering the nose and yaw rotating the aircraft as though it were turning left or right while still on the ground:: All of this he believed falls within the compass of science:: The machine resembles a vertical pinball box without the flippers to control the dropping of the ball from top to bottom the only control is the powerflicker with which you can propel the balls faster or slower into the box:: :: He guns for his fourth straight victory since the addition of blinkers :: whose break is it:: she dropped the letter into the wastepaper basket:: the aircraft bumped towards our goal some 400 miles to the west:: The goalkeepers were under such pressure no wonder they conceded goals:: This is the skeleton so called because of the distinct appearance of the first metal toboggans :: What were talking about is a middy of beer or a small glass of wine or a single measure of spirits:: the local sink school:: Johns tight personal hold on the legal and administrative reins of power were as much driven by a need to raise money as they were by his personal obsession with the minutiae of government:: So dont dismiss surfing as a sport for Hawaiians and Australians only:: The reason for dismissal must be that uppermost in the mind of the employer at the time of dismissal :: The missile and sights can be dismounted and used with the tripod if necessary:: Cromwell who had wanted to spare the King saw no way out but to try him for treason:: His tweedclad mainly male cast of characters roam the countryside and become embroiled in bizarre nonsensical occurrences:: But the principle is the same we cannot duck our responsibilities by saying that the other party took part freely:: I have a blackbelt in karate but that doesnt prepare you for all that wire work:: Even here though it is possible to try a spot of canoeing or kayaking in the Gorge Waterway not something to be tried in the Clyde:: We paddled a dugout canoe across the river to the village burial ground where the bodies of these tiny victims of the fossil fuel industry lay
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