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Ninny :
- ninnyninnies

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Noun(1) a stupid foolish person

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(1) Acting like a hysterical ninny wasn't going to make my day get any better.(2) I know it must seem like I'm a ninny about Philip Levine, but this was on the Writer's Almanac on my birthday and I loved it so much.(3) Nobody, unless he's an arrogant ninny , would ever say ÔÇÿI am an intellectual.ÔÇÖ(4) It's just that few choose to, because it's exhausting and demoralising permanently to present oneself as a grinning ninny .(5) CBS canceled The Reagans, a four-hour mini-series, after conservative activists and pundits said it made Ronald Reagan out to be a ninny and a bigot.(6) Further, only a ninny can suppose that the intellectual and mystical are opposites (tell it to St. Thomas).(7) Is this really the moment for the grinning ninny to inflict his woeful attempts at some classic music moments upon the listening public?(8) You could say that having the freedom to act blonde is testament to the confidence of feminism in a new century - or you could just say we're all a lot of self-indulgent ninnies .(9) Of course, this being the Seattle PI, they have to interview a couple of ninnies who wring their hands about ÔÇÿconservatismÔÇÖ.(10) The outrage described in this article is not that of rational people fearing that televising exorcisms lends the ceremony a validity it does not deserve, but the bleating of superstitious ninnies .(11) Some of us like to get on with it instead of whining like ninnies .(12) Can negative ninnies like my mother, who raise their families in dark, sneering realms of impossibility, be taught to embrace the possible?(13) I only meant I'm sorry the ninnies couldn't take a bit of curry.(14) Except for a scant few, the characters in St. Elmo's Fire are all either weasels, deceptive clods or selfish ninnies .(15) Because, of course, the self-important ninnies who compile such things, complacent in their arrogance that their opinions matter, really haven't a clue what they're talking about in most cases.(16) Other than a few screaming ninnies - the usual suspects - where's the outrage?
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1. brain ::
ਦਿਮਾਗ ਨੂੰ
2. genius ::
Different Forms
ninnies, ninny
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