English to Punjabi Meaning of string - ਸਤਰ

String :

ਰੱਸੀ, ਜੰਜੀਰ, ਸਤਰ, ਸਣ, ਫਾਈਬਰ, ਸੂਤ, ਦੀ ਤਾਰ, ਥਰਿੱਡ, ਮੋੜ, ਕੇਬਲ, ਗੁੰਦ, ਪਾਰਟੀ ਦੇ, ਗਰੁੱਪ ਨੂੰ, ਜਥੇਬੰਦੀ, ਪਾਸੇ, ਚਾਲਕ ਦਲ, ਫਾਰਮੂਲਾ, ਕਾਨੂੰਨ ਦੇ, ਮਾਟੋ, ਕੰਢਾ, ਤਾਰ, ਸੁਗੰਧ, ਸੁਆਦ, ਭਾਵਪੂਰਤ, ਸਿਸਟਮ, Tantra, ਰਸਮ, ਫਾਰਮ, ਸਕੀਮ, ਡੋਰੀ, ਹਾਰ, ਲੜੀ ', ਇੱਜੜ, ਜਹਾਜ਼, ਤਹਿਖਾਨਾ, ਨੁਕਸ, ਅਪਰਾਧ, ਪਾਪ ਦੀ, ਕ੍ਰਮ, ਰੇਲ ਗੱਡੀ, ਕਤਾਰ, ਲਾਈਨ, ਸੀਮਾ, ਦਰਜੇ, ਟੀਅਰ, ਗਾਇਕੀ, ਧਾਰਾ, ਸਟਰੀਮ, ਵਹਿਣਾ, ਕੋਰਸ, ਕਲੱਸਟਰ, ਝੁੰਡ, ਪੁਲੰਦਾ, ਬੈਚ, ਚਾਹੁੰਨਾ, ਜਾਲਸਾਜ਼ੀ, ਲਿਖ, ਠੀਕ, ਮਿਲਾਨ, ਮਜ਼ਬੂਤ, ਨੂੰ ਠੀਕ, ਆਦਮੀ

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Definitions of string in English
Noun(1) a lightweight cord(2) stringed instruments that are played with a bow(3) a tightly stretched cord of wire or gut, as a part of an instrument or a tennis racket(4) a sequentially ordered set of things or events or ideas in which each successive member is related to the preceding(5) a linear sequence (as of characters, words, proteins, etc.(6) a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening(7) a tough piece of fiber in vegetables, meat, or other food (especially the tough fibers connecting the two halves of a bean pod(8) (cosmology(9) a collection of objects threaded on a single strand(10) a necklace made by stringing objects together
Verb(1) thread on or as if on a string(2) add as if on a string(3) move or come along(4) stretch out or arrange like a string(5) string together; tie or fasten with a string(6) remove the stringy parts of(7) provide with strings
Examples of string in English
(1) Starring together in a string of grade B romance adventures, the couple had become the hottest item in Hollywood.(2) His compositions comprise mainly chamber music, including string quartets and accompanied keyboard sonatas.(3) Today, it's almost impossible to prove that any raw text is original without searching for a selected string of words in a search engine.(4) Additional null characters may follow the string , padding it out to a size that ensures the following structure is properly aligned.(5) Favourites in days gone by included lifting gates off hinges and re-hanging them the wrong way round, tying door-knockers together with string and knocking on doors and running away.(6) Eight protesters tied themselves together with string and for ten minutes chanted, ÔÇÿStop selling arms to oppressive regimes.ÔÇÖ(7) She slipped the quiver to her shoulder, and carefully bent her bow to string it.(8) Sometimes, though, the password is not really the string of alphanumeric characters you typed but instead a randomly assigned sequence.(9) The string players brought tremendous energy and concentration to the apocalyptic visions of the Allegretto.(10) Vince Clarke and Andy Bell have been working together for 21 years, churning out a string of hits and outrageous stage shows.(11) But despite being the third string at Selby, Charlie Booth's side have a formidable spirit of team-work and have beaten a number of higher ranked teams before.(12) All twelve celebrities taking part will jet off to the paradise island this week where they will stay on the beach in traditional bamboo huts before being paired off together for a string of dates..(13) That sideways tear gets rid of the tough string that sometimes runs along the edge of the pod.(14) A piano and stringed instruments were purchased and the family formed a string quartet.(15) My dryer was a length of string which ran across my bedroom from the mirror into the cupboard.(16) When you string together a series of championships, or piece together the ultimate team on a shoestring budget, it feels just that much better to play and win with them.
Related Phrases of string
(1) string bean ::
ਸਤਰ ਬੀਨ
(2) empty string ::
ਖਾਲੀ ਸਤਰ
(3) string beans ::
ਸਤਰ ਬੀਨ
(4) string up ::
ਸਤਰ ਅਪ
(5) string instrument ::
ਸਤਰ ਸਾਧਨ
(6) string along ::
ਸਤਰ ਦੇ ਨਾਲ-ਨਾਲ
(7) to string ::
(8) string theory ::
ਸਟਰਿੰਗ ਥਿਊਰੀ
(9) drill string ::
ਮਸ਼ਕ ਸਤਰ
(10) character string ::
ਅੱਖਰ ਸਤਰ
1. twine ::
2. chain ::
3. series ::
ਲੜੀ '
4. line ::
5. strand ::
6. condition ::
7. drawstring ::
8. cosmic string ::
ਬ੍ਰਹਿਮੰਡੀ ਸਤਰ
9. train ::
ਰੇਲ ਗੱਡੀ
10. hang ::
11. thread ::
12. draw ::
13. string along ::
ਸਤਰ ਦੇ ਨਾਲ-ਨਾਲ
14. string up ::
ਸਤਰ ਅਪ
Different Forms
string, stringed, stringency, stringer, stringers, stringing, strings, stringy
Word Example from TV Shows
But if we were part of the team
that confirmed string theory...

But if we were part of the team that confirmed STRING theory...

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 23

Currently, you're being paid under a grant
to specifically research string theory.

Currently, you're being paid under a grant to specifically research STRING theory.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 2

...explaining I confirmed
string theory...

...explaining I confirmed STRING theory...

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 1

Ouch! String burn. String burn.

Ouch! String burn. String burn.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 6

...with general relativity
than does string theory.

...with general relativity than does STRING theory.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 2

English to Punjabi Dictionary: string

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